For the Grumpy and the Selfish


Today I found myself pondering about Donald Duck. He’s been a favorite cartoon character of mine since childhood, but pinpointing the precise reason hasn’t been easy. By all means, Donald Duck SHOULD be a pretty unlikable character: prone to fits of anger and violence, sometimes greedy, sometimes selfish, sometimes just plain cruel, he seems designed to act as a foil to Mickey and co. more well-meaning and passive attitudes while still remaining as part of their group. Most of his early material portrays him as the butt of the joke (for example, trying several get-rich-quick schemes and failing miserably) and even now he seems to be inherently incompetent at everything he does or tries. It’s a bit difficult to track down the specifics of his personality and he’s been written by so many people and corporate machines that it’s virtually impossible to have a clear image of him (or any of the core Disney characters). However, the basics are always there, hidden as they may be.

It was only while drifting my consciousness away during an awful grammar class that it hit me: could it be possible that I like him precisely because of everything mentioned above?

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